++++ 01.06.2023 Important note ++++

  • Due to an increase in the Danish examination fees, the energy surcharge on ferry fares and increased petrol and accommodation costs, we are forced to adjust our prices slightly.
  • The increase in our prices applies to all contracts concluded from 01.06.2023.
  • We hope for your understanding.


Tourist travel from Germany to Denmark is once again possible without restrictions. Denmark has lifted all Corona requirements for entry as of 01.03.2022. The special regulations and the digital travel registration on return to Germany have also been abolished.

On the Danish Police website you will find further and up-to-date information on traveling to Denmark (in English)

On the website of the Robert Koch Institute you will find information on the designation of international risk areas by the Federal Foreign Office, BMG and BMI.

Before you can even get married in Denmark, you have to apply for a certificate of marital status at the Danish Agency for Family Law by submitting your documents and a comprehensive application. The marriage certificate is valid for a maximum of 4 months after it is issued. If you are not able to get married in Denmark within this period due to the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, the Danish authorities will issue a new free certificate upon request. You don't have to pay a new processing fee.

We can quickly organise free wedding dates for you!

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We are pleased that you are interested in getting married in Denmark.

You are in the right place if you

  • unable to present a birth certificate from your home country
  • want to get married quickly within a few days
  • want professional support on site at every turn
  • Prefer inexpensive and manageable pricing

Why get married in Denmark?

Getting married in Denmark is much easier than in Germany, as the Danish family law agency requires considerably fewer documents and a wedding date can be arranged more quickly. A marriage ceremony in Denmark is the solution, especially for binational couples, because you do not need a certificate of marital status or a birth certificate. If the authorities in your home country do not issue official certificates of marital status, you must inform the Danish state administration. Otherwise, all you need is an official certificate of marital status. Same-sex couples can also get married in Denmark. Nevertheless, the marriage is recognized without any problems in Germany and worldwide.

We bring you to your wedding in Denmark!

You do not need to worry about anything. We will pick you up in Hamburg, optionally also in Bremen, and bring you safely and cheaply to your hotel in Denmark. The next day we will accompany you to the registry office and bring you back to Germany after the wedding ceremony and champagne reception.

Official certificate of marital status is required.

Denmark is taking stronger action against marriages of convenience than before. From January 2019, new legal changes came into force that make it no longer as easy for foreigners to get married as previously in Denmark. There is a ban on marriages of convenience in Denmark.

The application for a certificate of marital status must be submitted to the state administration. This checks the application for marriage after sending the complete documents and paying the administrative fee. The fee is 1,650 Danish kroner (€ 225). The authority will review the application within 5 working days.

In addition, an official certificate of marital status must be attached. Proof is usually provided by the city office with an extended registration certificate. If the authorities in the country where you live cannot issue official certificates, this must be reported to the Danish authorities.

If a marriage of convenience is suspected, the state administration can invite you for a personal interview.


We would be happy to support you with the implementation of your marriage in Denmark.
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